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06/14/14 07:12 PM #12    

Joanne Semple (Kingsbury)


So sorry to hear about your Mom.  I know how hard it is.  Take care.


06/17/14 10:09 AM #13    

Jan Stephens (Hancock)

Dear Maria,

I was so sad to learn of your mother's passing.  My deepest sympathy to you, and I hope that the love and support of your friends and family will bring you comfort and peace.  When my parents passed away I realized that no matter how much time we have with each other, it isn't quite enough.  Your mom brought you great joy and I'm sure you did the same for her.  May your spirit be renewed and your memories warm your heart.  Jan Stephens Hancock


06/21/14 09:47 PM #14    

Maria Tellis (Paul)

Thanks for your comforting words, Jan.  I appreciate hearing from you and so many of our high school classmates.


06/22/14 03:56 PM #15    


David Reynolds

Kind thoughts from here as well.

David Reynolds

09/10/14 09:45 PM #16    


David Reynolds

Classmates -

Heartfelt regrets from here. I had a close encounter of the cardiac kind over the weekend, and have to stay close. 

Best wishes to each and all. I'm surely looking forward to pictures. 

David Reynolds

Jackson, MS

09/12/14 06:10 AM #17    


Ray Grzenda

Best wish glad it was only a close encounter and you still can post those  garden shots. Be well.


09/12/14 07:00 PM #18    

Maria Tellis (Paul)

Dear David,

Take care of yourself!  Health is one of the most precious things we have!

I look forward to seeing pictures of the reunion as well.

Maria (Mary Tellis)

09/13/14 12:06 PM #19    

Robert Perry (Perry)

Hey Dave, sorry to hear of your cardiac close encounter.  Be a good patient and take care of yourself.  I expect the next report on "Chef Reynolds" to be that he is fully recovered and better than ever.  Sorry we won't see you at the reunion. 

Bob Perry

09/13/14 02:07 PM #20    


David Reynolds

'Appreciate the thoughts. I'm complying. Wife, Daughter, Docs, Classmates...  so many stakeholders.

See y'all at 55. 


09/13/14 09:28 PM #21    

Susan Skinner (Keating)

Hi Dave hope you are doing better please listen to your doctor and family and get healther and you bet we'll see at the 55th if not before. Take care Susie

09/15/14 06:49 PM #22    


Nancy Neuman (Shevchuk)

Hi Dave,

Snow White was looking forward to seeing one of her favorite dwarfs from sixth grade at the reunion! We will be thinking of you on Saturday and wish you a speedy recovery!


09/16/14 10:31 PM #23    


David Reynolds

@Richard - complying with Bob's advice. Medic, Admlinistrator, President... how could I do otherwise!

@Nancy - good grief, the Dwarf business! I'd completely forgotten. You gave my acting career a start. I was at a City Council meeting to report out some commission business one Tuesday in the late 80s when Larry and Larry, a couple who had done a great deal for our city, announced to the meeting that they were producing and directing La Cage Aux Folles in community theater, the first amateur production, they thought. Could one of the Council take a walk-on part as a fisherman, to help show the support of the city? Council voted 5-0 to appoint the Planning and Zoning Commission chair in their stead. 

The first rehearsal turned up short in the chorus line. So much for the fisherman. I became Mercedes, and required a good deal of coaching from our lead, Ginger Snap, about walking, walking in heels, etc. We may possibly have been the first; we were certainly amateur - Mercedes at least. Three scheduled performances extended to seventeen, overfilling the place time after time. Word got out from Mobile to New Orleans, dwarfing all previous Bay Saint Louis community playhouse audiences. So thanks, I think.

Larry died of AIDS in not too long. It turned out that producing Le Cage was a hope of his, and he knew that time was short. Larry, who directed, moved someplace north. It's all north from here. Hurricane Katrina took away the theater, with its pine boards and cozy lobby. Our Daughter is in her late twenties and lives in New Orleans. She was small enough then that I could hold her in one arm while the chorus line rehearsed. When she was six, she asked whether I still wore the high heels on occasion. 

Your loyal and attentive Dwarf


09/19/14 11:14 AM #24    

Sharon Burns (Holcombe)

Thank you to all who made this great website and planned the reunion.  I appreciate all the fine work that has gone into this project and look forward to seeing you tomorrow!  Sharon Burns Holcombe

09/19/14 01:12 PM #25    


Barbara Pease

I want to thank everyone responsible for making this website happen. I have been having a blast here figuring it all out. I am sorry I couldn't make it to the reunion. I hope to make it for the 55th. Have a great time. =) Kudos to the folks who organized it.


09/22/14 07:56 AM #26    

Sharon Burns (Holcombe)

Thank you for the great reunion!  It was so much fun to see everyone again.

09/23/14 11:50 AM #27    


Linda Smith (Fasulo)

I'd like to add my thanks to all responsible for making our 50th the spectacularly fun event it was.  Special thank-yous also to Collette and Sam Samsel for the wonderful Sunday brunch  (psst, Sam, please advise when the escalator arrives :) ) and to Bill Rice and Rich Kanauber for their respective tours of the high school and towns, both of which were outstanding.



09/23/14 03:14 PM #28    


Beverly Patton (Larkin)

Good job, committee!  It was so much fun seeing everyone after SO long!

Thanks for the memories.  :)


09/24/14 12:48 PM #29    

Linda Ravinski (Thomashow)

I really want to thank the committee for all their hard work on the site and the preparations for the reunion. Even though I couldn't attend, I was with you all in spirit and I'm looking forward to the next reunion already. I'm so glad for al the pictures, even though I  confess that I can't recognize most of you! I hope the web site will stay alive in the future and will always keep an eye on it to see what you're all up to,

Linda ravinski Thomashow

09/25/14 01:19 PM #30    

Joanne Semple (Kingsbury)

Ditto to Linda's message...I felt close to you all.....Glad you all enjoyed!

09/25/14 05:41 PM #31    


Carol J. Tucker (Everton)

Attended the reunion and reconnected with people I have not seen in many years.  Even someone I have been looking for for quite a few years.  It was great and the committee really did a great job.  Everything was just perfect.   Even though I had a difficult time recognizing anyone,  everyone knew me and that felt really great.  Although I guess being the shortest in the class had some advantages after all.   Hope to see you all at the 55th.   Carol  Tucker Everton

09/25/14 11:25 PM #32    


Marcia Bevilaqua (Stafford)

Thanks to all on the 50th reunion committee for our class of 1964.  Great pictures of the events and so nice to see all that attended. Even though I was not there I was thinking of you all weekend. It was fun to look at the pictures and I found lots of you and it brought back many memories of our days at King Philip.

Wish I could have been there but hopefully I will make the next reunion.

Blessings, Marcia Bevilaqua Stafford 

10/01/14 04:59 PM #33    

Michael Martin

Rich you must get a special version of The Sun Chronicle as there is no graduation picture in my paper.

10/02/14 09:12 AM #34    

Michael Martin

Thank Rich

I get the paper delivered to my house so that is interesting isn't it. I will go looking for it.


10/02/14 06:28 PM #35    


Valerie M. Gould (Kokocinski)

I found it on the internet, Sun Chronicle, Wrentham school news.



10/05/14 10:27 AM #36    

Maria Tellis (Paul)

Dear Classmates,

Sorry I was not able to join you, but I surely enjoyed the recent reunion vicariously.  The committee did a marvelous job of keeping us all informed through the special reunion website!  The only downside was to learn about the classmates we have lost since graduation.  May they rest in peace.

Thanks to all of you on the committee for coordinating what I'm sure was a  meticulously organized and fun event.  Thanks also to all of you who took time to join this website which I hope will remain online so that we can continue to stay connected.  

Stay healthy and happy!

Maria (Mary) Tellis Paul



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